When the pressure is on you Rely on blackwater Oilfield Solutions

Blackwater Oilfield Solutions was started in 2014 with the intent to supply customers equipment testing without having to ship equipment across the U.S. We decided to set up shop in the Permian Basin and haven’t looked back since. With years of experience in PCE and great customer service, our customers asked us to provide annual recertifications and 5 year recertifications. For the past few years, we have been supplying customers with mobile testing, annual testing, five year recertifications, used equipment sales, new equipment sales, rentals, and parts and supplies for all major PCE manufacturers. Feel free to contact us to find out what kind of solution we can provide for you.

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Blackwater is more than just a oilfield pressure control equipment company, we are your partner in business every step of the way. Customer service and making sure you are equipped for flawless performance is what we do.

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